The Benefits Of Tech Security System For Businesses

Businesses are all over, in almost every corner operating everyday. Their main concern is to ensure the protection of their investments from losses or theft both from the public and staff. Tech security system, burglar alarms, security cameras are the things that an owner thinks of to protect his investments especially those who are still starting.

The Benefits Of Tech Security System For Businesses

Installation of tech security system can provide benefits like the following:

  • Reduce employee theft. When there is a properly installed camera in the business establishment, this can avoid or decrease employee theft. Through this security system, the owner can monitor and easily catch employees who are doing illegal activities in the business premises because of security cameras that are strategically positioned. In addition, the security system can improve productivity of employees and can help customer service. When the employees are aware that there are cameras all over the establishment, all they can do is to improve their performance. The cameras must be pro-actively used by the owner so that the employees will develop a sense of accountability because the owner can always watch or review the video.
  • Deter shoplifting. A camera system that is professionally installed in your business establishment can deter shoplifting. You can place a Spot Monitor that shows customers as they enter can be an effective strategy to reduce shoplifting.
  • Prevent unauthorized entry. A security system can prevent unauthorized entry. With this, burglars will have second thoughts in entering your establishment. Some burglars will steal your inventory, cash in your register or any valuables depending on the type of your business. A burglar alarm in your establishment must be sourced from a reputable company so that you will be protected.
  • Reduce insurance premium cost. Most of the insurance companies require business establishments to install any kind of security system, in return, they will provide great discounts on your monthly insurance payments.

Installation of tech security system in business establishments can help improve business operations as a whole, efficiencies and profitability. Most of all, the business owner will enjoy peace of mind.

Technology Updates 2014

The technology update 2014 is going to give the consumers a wild ride. Considering the evolution of the technology is the past year, the public are still expecting more unprecedented growth anywhere and anytime.

Technology Updates 2014

Basing on the trends in 2013, this year is going to offer more. The fledging technologies grow and mature beyond everyone’s imagination. Here are the technology updates that will dominate in 2014.

Expect More Capabilities Of The Smart TV

With the overwhelming acceptance of Smart TV, it is expected that shipments will reach 123 million for 2014. A big increase over 2012’s shipment that reached 84 million. These figures show that there will be more explosive growths in this industry. Amidst the growth, the consumers will continue to witness fierce competition among major players such as Samsung, LG and Panasonic. It is expected that prices will continue to drop because of the increasing consumer’s crave for Smart TV. Also, they are developing a Smart TV that has the capability to use Hulu, Netflix, Amazom Instant Video and of course, their web browser through their TVs.

The recent development that the public are waiting for is Apple’s iTV. It is still in the early stages of development and they are in the process of forging a deal to facilitate their programming with Time Warner. Also, the iTV is rumored to include iCloud sync, it has the ability to control iPhones and panels of ultra HD LCD. It is expected to be in the market early summer of 2014.

Technology Updates 2014

Smart Watches Will Be Smarter

Smart watches are expected to become smarter. Instead of pulling out your tablet or smartphone for text, social media updates and email, you can simply take a look at your watch. This year, the Google watch will be launched. The rumored main feature of the Google watch is that it integrates with Google Now. Its aim is to seamlessly provide important information anywhere and anytime you want it. The trend is for smart watches to become even smarter, to have the capability to deliver updates and news important to people, receive them anytime and respond more accurately through the use of voice controls. For smart watches to become successful and accepted by more consumers, manufacturers must be able to showcase features that any smartphone cannot provide. This could mean better intuitive notifications or the capability to learn people’s behaviors and daily activities such as monitoring of the heart rate and more.

Technology updates are something that the public are expecting every now and then and the release of remarkable gadgets and devices will surely wow the world.

Tech Events 2014

For business owners, one of the best resolutions that you can keep is to commit yourself to attend more education, networking and tech events. These events can be an excellent way to move further because you are aware of the latest developments, meet potential clients, find new and great services and of course, new customers.

Tech Events 2014

Here are some of the Tech Events 2014 that most people are excited to participate:

Tech Events 2014
  • Velocity Web Operations and Performance – Attending this event can create interpersonal relationships with some of the most brilliant people in the field of Web operations and performance. As a result, it can gain huge savings and the performance of your company will increase.
  • Lean Startup Conference – If there is one person to look up to and follow his advices, this can be Eric Ries, he is responsible for running the Lean Startup Conference. During the event, he helps people who are starting up to focus on the themes, iterate and learn. These are the things that you must do when you join this conference.
  • Innovation Uncensored of Fast Company – Fast Company delivers contents which are extremely high-quality during the Innovation Uncensored. Joining this event can be very promising for the people in the industry because only few events focus on content while all other technology events focus about networking. Participants of this event are always impressed with the latest technology information they provide and this means, it is always the hottest and newest brands.
  • Techweek – Techweek are conducted in Detroit, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York for 2014. Many of the participants who attended in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York techweek events said that it was all about good things. They have quality speakers and it was fun-filled.
  • InfusionCon – This is one of the favorite conferences each year. During the conference, they deliver top-notch information for the marketing automation sector. They feature the qualities of becoming an ultimate marketer and the competition through the presentation of various true stories from small businesses with few staff but they manage to achieve huge sales and growth. When the participants see new possibilities, they can gather more ideas to improve their business too.
  • FailCon – This is so far dubbed as the best event for all entrepreneurs. In most conferences, people can only see the successes of various businesses but never their failures. However, this conference showcases both the successes and failures. FailCon is only a one-day conference dedicated to all technology investors, entrepreneurs, designers and developers. It is a venue to study all their failures so that they can move forward and prepare for success.
Tech Events 2014

These are some of the remarkable tech events 2014.

Tech Trends

For 2014, the tech trends are the following:

Tech Trends
  1. Digital convergence. The digital and physical worlds are now converging. In effect, consumers can expect a more uniform experience both in the digital and physical worlds. Also, another trend is the convergence of the personal and business use technology.
  2. Digital experience delivery can make or break a company. Today, a great delivery of digital experience is not a luxury anymore but it is a point where a company can make or break because the world is in the digital age. The latest trend in business is the mobile-first approach, the number is growing for firms that use this approach because they know for a fact that the people are more connected through their mobile devices. However, the fallback is that systems of record can hardly keep up with the needs.
  3. The business is taking the ownership of intelligence and process. Experts noticed that IT has been losing its control in business intelligence, application, tools and platforms. Also, they noted that the management of business process, supposed to be an IT’s traditional domain has been increasingly the domain of some other functions. As mobility is increasing and becomes the imperative strategy of businesses, data innovation and levels of process must also arise.
  4. Firms are shedding the data limitations of the past. Firms that are embracing open data, big data concepts and adopt latest adaptive intelligence approaches are geared towards the creation of the smart systems for the next generation that can create business innovations and overcome limitations. The key in today’s digital world is cheaper, collaborative, adaptive and more agile methods for data sharing and analytics. Also, it is very important to develop predictive applications that can sense the environment, respond in real-time, meet users when they need it and anticipate user action.
  5. Devices and sensors are drawing ecosystems together. Due to the internet-of-things, the hype can become a reality with the proliferation of devices, ubiquity of connectivity and wearable computing. The ones that are in their niche can be used broader. In effect, the traditional promotional campaigns will turn into a marketing ecosystem.
  6. Identity and Trust get a rethink. Reports showed that trust nowadays is irreparably harmed because it is impossible to identify interfaces that can be trusted, many breached data are also coming from trusted insiders and the whole concept of trust cannot be applied in data packets. The IT’s consumerization means that most of the IT applications and devices are specially used by digital natives and in the workplace. With this, ITs must catch up faster or else this will become a norm if the practices will continue in the long run.
Tech Trends

These are the tech trends that are reshaping the world today.

Tech Related To Computer

Technology is a fast-paced constantly evolving industry. More and more technologies are coming out in the market because of the never-ending research and development. This article will give you some of the tech related to computer innovations that are designed to make life easier for everyone.

Screenless Display

With modern technology, the devices became miniaturized and one factor that can be frustrating is that they are less user-friendly. In fact, it is hard to interact with these kinds of devices. As these devices become smaller in size and complicated, this gives an opportunity for the screenless displays. They are full-sized keyboards that can be projected into a surface so that users can interact with it and whether it can fit your pocket or not will not be the concern anymore. This innovation reminds people of the Star War films where holographic images can be three dimensional. During the 2013 MIT, a prototype has been displayed, it is inexpensive and the resolution is the same with the standard TV.

Also, screenless displays can be achieved through image projected into the person’s retina. The advantages are substantial like avoiding a weighty hardware and promises to secure privacy as people can interact with the computer without sharing with other people. In 2013, this field showed a rapid increase and seemed to appear for imminent breakthroughs in the distribution of screenless displays. Today, there are many companies that are making significant breakthroughs in this field as well as virtual reality headsets, mobile phones for partially blind and elderly people, bionic contact lenses and hologram-like videos that do not need glasses or other moving parts.

Tech Related To Computer

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Have you imagined that one day you can control a computer by using your mind? Well, it is almost becoming a reality now. Brain-computer interfaces, the computer can interpret and read signals that are coming directly from your brain. This technology has already achieved clinical successes. People who are suffering from stroke or locked-in syndrome can drink coffee or mover their wheelchairs by controlling the action of their robotic arm through their brain waves. Also, direct brain implants helped blind people restore partial vision.

Tech Related To Computer

These technologies are still being refined before launching to the market and they are very promising because they can help improve people’s lives.

Tech Related Jobs

Tech related jobs are often the technological lifeblood of the company. As a result, they get excellent pay. To give you an idea of the tech related jobs, here are some of them:

Tech Related Jobs
  1. IT Consultant – This job ranked number 13 in the Best Jobs in the US list, according to the recent survey by CNN. The job of an IT consultant is very vague and can be hardly understood if you are not familiar with this field. Generally, an IT consultant’s job is the evaluation of various systems and conduct of research. As CNN describes it, every company whether starting up or has been in the business for a long time, needs the help of an IT consultant to figure out the fastest and cheapest ways so that computers will run better. To become an IT consultant, you must be able to have a computer science degree and the average annual salary is $96,400.
  2. Cloud Architect – You may have heard of a course about cloud computing but the course still needs organization and architecture. To become a Cloud architect, you must finish a bachelor’s degree. Becoming a Cloud architect is one of the highest paying jobs in all technology related fields and the average annual salary is $112,000.
  3. Computer forensic investigator – The job of a computer forensic investigator is the search for, identification and evaluation of criminal information through the use of computer systems. To become a computer forensic investigator, you have to finish a degree in cyber security, information security or computer forensics. The average annual salary is $64,000.
  4. Health IT specialist – This is a blossoming area of expertise especially with the on-going major changes of the healthcare in the US like the gradual transition of using electronic health records and the Affordable Care Act. The health IT specialists must be equipped with recordkeeping and computer knowledge skills and must specialize in medical billing, coding and cancer registry. To become a health IT specialist, you can finish a certificate or associate degree, the average annual salary is $45,000.
Tech Related Jobs

These are some of the tech related jobs that are highly in-demand these days.

Breakthrough Technologies For 2014

Technology is perhaps the greatest catalyst of change in today’s modern world. They emerge with risks but positive breakthrough technologies promise of innovative solutions to the major global challenges. They are here to solve problems like resource scarcity, global environmental change and many more. However, there are many promising technologies that are not introduced in the market or did not commence because of major problems like lack of investment, regulatory frameworks are outdated and public understanding gaps.

Breakthrough Technologies For 2014

In 2014, the breakthrough technologies are the following:

Breakthrough Technologies For 2014

Body-adapted Wearable Technology

The Fitbit wristband and the Google Glass are two examples of wearable technology. They gained the public’s significant attention together with other devices that promote and help people to have a better understanding of their fitness and personal health through monitoring heart rate, exercise, sleep patterns and more. This sector is making a shift beyond what the external wearables can perform such as the clip-on devices or wristbands to the creation of a body-adapted technology that can further push the continuing boundary between technology and humans. Typically, these wearables are tiny, equipped with feedback system and wide array of sensors and camouflaged so that it can be accepted more by the consumers. Also, these devices have earbuds to monitor heart rate, sensors that are worn under the clothes so that it can track posture, a temporary tattoo to track health vitals and shoe soles that can communicate to give the user GPS directions. There are various applications too such as the haptic shoes to help blind people navigate and the Google Glass can be worn by oncologists so that it can assist them during surgery.

Nanostructured Carbon Composites

There is a growing concern over the emissions of the fast-growing number of vehicles around the world. This poses a great environmental concern and one of the best solutions is to increase transport vehicles that are operating efficiently. To address this pressing environmental problem, there are new emerging technics like the nanostructure carbon fibers for those novel composites. It showed that it can reduce the weight of vehicles by about 10% or even higher. As a result, they need less fuel because they are lighter, they can increase efficiency in the movement of goods and people and most of all, they can reduce greenhouse emissions. However, the single concern posed for this technology is efficiency of the vehicles because it is equally important to improve safety of the passenger.

These are two of the breakthrough technologies in 2014. The trend of the latest technologies is geared towards making the people’s lives easier, healthier and safer.

The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Technology Based learning

The advances of communication technology that started in the mid-1990s created technology based learning or also known as distance education or virtual learning one of the most feasible educational options. The whole idea of this kind of learning is that the teacher can interact and reach students even if they are in remote places. In effect, it enables the students to learn many things which they will not experience if this kind of technology was not created.

The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Technology Based learning

In reality, this development is not embraced by everyone because critics say that it is a type of learning that is impersonal and cold. Even if there are opportunities where the students and teachers can create camaraderie through electronic bulletin boards and emails, still, it does not suffice the whole experience of the real classroom. Historically, technology based learning tends to be dry because it relies mainly on graphs and texts in order to convey the information. Through the advances of communication networks and computing power, the stereotyped idea of this kind of learning has changed but still, critics say that multimedia learning experiences are easier and richer in the classroom setting. In addition, e-learning certainly needs more initiative from the student than in the traditional classroom setting since in the setting of a virtual classroom, teachers can hardly notice students who are slack-off or day dreaming. With these factors, they led into some allegations that technology based learning is less effective compared to the traditional one. This kind of learning needs sophisticated knowledge and technology that is beyond the student’s scope of understanding.

On the other hand, technology based learning surpasses the traditional counterpart. One of the major advantages is that it allows anyone to study anything and anywhere. For instance, a small school in rural areas cannot offer their students with various language classes because the school is too small to hire more language teachers in Arabic or Russian. In a traditional classroom setting, students with great interest in learning in remote areas are less fortunate. This is why technology based learning is a big blessing for everyone especially those in remote areas. With this, it is possible to learn any subject from anywhere in the world.

Another advantage of technology based learning is that it allows students to improve based on their own pace. This is obviously not happening in a traditional setting. Today, the technology based learning offers lessons in modules where students can work on individually depending on their own pace. In addition, through the forums, the teachers can meet their students when they conduct individual sessions.

Lastly, even with today’s digital world, the technology based learning cannot replace or will never replace the traditional way of learning but it cannot be denied that it has become beneficial to more and more people all throughout the world.

Social Media Technology Trends

The implementation of new tools for the social media and making technical changes with regards to your presence online can either pose a serious negative or positive impact on your business. This article will explore the social media technology trends because they can affect your business and you must be aware of them.

Social Media Technology Trends
  • Google is redefining itself. Today, Google is undergoing a radical transformation in terms of gathering information and how to deliver results. With this strategy imposed by Google, it is very important to understand the reason for their transformation. Google wants to offer excellent service to the public through the delivery of best results and they are seeking people authority and great content. However, building of spammy links can still be done in various sites but for Google, this is not advisable since they will penalize and find these kinds of sites. In effect, you must be very careful with your strategies for Google. Be extra cautious of the people you employ to improve your ranking, they must be skilled and equipped with the necessary information about Social and SEO, must possess a great reputation and have strong relationships with your targeted audience.
  • Mobile technology will get hotter. You must be aware that more and more people are using mobile devices to access various services but most businesses or companies still do not have their own mobile site. Imagine this, about 20% of your entire traffic comes from mobile sites. If you do not have a mobile site, then you cannot provide an excellent service for your clients. You have two major options:
  • Create a responsive design – This means that you must create a website that contains similar content but can automatically adjust for visitors who are using mobile devices.
  • Mobile site – Generally, this is a simpler and may look different compared to your traditional site.
Social Media Technology Trends

To improve your business, you must be aware of the social media technology trends to address the needs of your customers and to better serve them. Being proactive about the changes in the social media can create a positive impact to your business.